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Act of Valor

"Inspired by true events, Act of Valor is an unprecedented blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking which stars active-duty Navy SEALS"

I saw it yesterday.  Loved it.

Let's set the stage for all the critics and other morons who have blasted the movie.

Since the earliest days of the SEAL teams (and their predecessors UDT, underwater demolition), their missions and lives have been kept secret.  Many Americans (especially old sailors like me) have wanted to know more.  Very seldom would we see any portrayal of their deeds.

Movies like "BAT 21" failed to mention that it was a Navy SEAL and Vietnamese Sea Commando forces who pulled Lt. Col. Iceal "Ham" Hambleton to safety.  Despite their deeds, such brave Navy men have continually taken a back seat to Hollywood pretenders whose script writers and producers hardly get anything right.

Now, we have a movie that gives the audience an excellent first-person shooter view of the teamwork, tactics, weapons and bravery of these extraordinary men.  It's about time.

Though the movie is a box office hit, taking the number one spot for the weekend at 24.7 million dollars and gets grade 'A' from the audience, critics and liberals are making mostly snide comments about it.

Grow up people.  The movie was adequately based on potential threats to this country (not necessarily their origin).  It was excellent in the manner SEAL team tactics play out, especially in the fluidity of the follow-on missions as intel was discovered about the evolving threat.  The dialogue may not have been exciting fabricated Hollywood crap, but it was real mission-speak; much like watching an episode of COPS on TV.

I imagine that there are plenty of old Marines and sailors like me who have been craving to watch anything on the big screen that played out real, and "Act of Valor" does it.  And, I very much appreciate the memorial ending that pays tribute to those who have given their all.

Hoo Rah to the U.S. Navy, Bandito Brothers Production and Relativity Media for making "Act of Valor" happen.  Thank you SEALs for the inspiration.  Fair winds and following seas.

By the way, anyone who wants to know the full story about BAT 21, see: and and

My credentials:  nine years active navy, made Chief Operations Specialist in the reserves.  Former CWO3 Texas State Guard.